Carbon Fibre Performance Rear Diffuser For BMW M2 & M2 Competition (2015-2021, F87)


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The AUTOID Rear Diffuser for the BMW M2 and M2 Competition is an extension of the OEM design language. It sets off the back end of the car and adds real definition to the diffuser area – great to showcase your exhaust system.

NOTE (12/11/20): This product has been redesigned and manufactured to ensure the highest quality and best fitment possible.

  • 1 x AUTOID Carbon Fibre (CFRP, 2×2 Weave) Rear Diffuser

NOTE: This product is an aesthetic item only and not intended for intense road or track use. It is not intended for high operating temperatures.

Installation takes approximately 20 minutes. On each end of the OEM diffuser, it’s attached underneath by one 8mm hexagon bolt. Remove both. Then remove the 6 plastic pop rivets using a pry tool. Six rivets and two bolts in total. Start by pulling both the far left and right sides of the diffuser first, as these clips will pop out easily. Then work carefully to remove the centre clips of the diffuser – these are much tighter and will require more force.

Once removed, install the new AUTOID rear diffuser with the bolts and rivets from the original diffuser.

  • BMW M2 (2015-2018, F87)
  • BMW M2 Competition (2018+, F87)