Carbon Fibre Performance Wing Mirror Covers for BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series (2017+, g30 g11)



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Designed with performance in mind, these wing mirror caps are the finishing touch. Each one is built from lightweight components; crafted to assist airflow down the side of the car and give a sporty edge

  • 2 x Carbon Fibre (Carbon Fibre + ABS Plastic) Performance Wing Mirror Covers¬†(Left & Right Side)

Installation takes just a couple of minutes. Remove the mirror glass from the wing mirror housing. You will now have access to the clips holding the mirror cover in place. Release the clips and remove the mirror cover. Replace with new mirror cover.

  • BMW 5 Series (2017+ G30 G31)
  • BMW 6 Series GT (2014+ G32)
  • BMW 7 Series (2014+ G11)