Carbon Fibre Side Fender Trim For BMW M2 & M2 Competition (2015-2021, F87)


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CFRP & ABS Plastic Replacement Carbon Fibre Fender Trim for the BMW M2 & M2 Competition. OEM Fit.

  • 2 x AUTOID Carbon Fibre (2×2 weave) Side Fender Trim (Left & Right Side)

Installation takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

Softly heat the original side fenders with a hairdryer or heat gun – be careful not to melt the plastic, it only needs to be warm! This will soften the adhesive on the reverse of the stock fenders. Once warm, place a soft towel on to the bodywork next to the fender and use a trim removal tool to leverage the original fender off. We recommend starting on the end with the M2 logo.

Once removed, clean the area with adhesive remover – we recommend this.

Remove the 3M vinyl backing from the adhesive on your new AUTOID Painted Side Fenders and place into the hole in the fender.

  • BMW M2 (2015-2017, F87)
  • BMW M2 LCI (2017-2018, F87)
  • BMW M2 Competition (2019+, F87)