Paddleshifterz Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifters for BMW (2017+, Gxx)



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This is a set of PaddleShifterz Carbon Fibre paddle shifters for the G Series Steering wheel. They are a full replacement to your OEM shifters in your vehicle. Manufactured using the highest quality carbon fibre, using a moulding process which results in the lightest possible product while keeping the strength and rigidity. These paddle shifters – like our other carbon fibre shifters – are full carbon fibre products, meaning they are manufactured using pre-preg carbon fibre and separate aluminium moulds for the top and bottom half of the shifters which then glued together with a smooth seam at the edges to make a perfect product.


Process – Moulding
Finish – Gloss clear coat
Material – Pre-preg carbon fibre
Height – 148mm (54% larger than OEM)

  • 2 x Paddleshifterz Pre-preg Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifters (Left & Right Side)

As cars begin lose manual transmissions and rely more heavily on their automatic counterparts, its becoming more important to retain driver engagement.

Paddleshifterz was born with one aim in mind. Revolutionise your experience when shifting your automatic car through tactile and OEM+ quality shifters.

Each shifter is developed from the ground up to utilise OEM fitting points, whilst increasing surface area and reachability.

Rest assured knowing that with your Paddleshifterz, you’ll feel even more connected to your car.

  • BMW 1 Series (2019+, F40)
  • BMW 2 Series (2020+, F44)
  • BMW 3 Series / M3 (2018+, G20 G21 G80)
  • BMW 4 Series / M4 (2020+, G22 G82)
  • BMW 5 Series / M5 (2017+, G30 G31 F90)
  • BMW 7 Series (2015+, G11 G12)
  • BMW 8 Series / M8 (2018+, G14 G15 G16 F91 F92 F93)
  • BMW X3 / X3M (2017+, G01 F97)
  • BMW X4 / X4M (2018+, G02 F98)
  • BMW X5 / X5M (2019+, G05 F95)
  • BMW X6 / X6M (2019+, G06 F96)