Pure Turbo BMW S55 Stage 2 HF Turbos (M2 Competition, M3 & M4)



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In 2014, Pure Turbos bought a M4 and immediately began R&D to create what is known as the most powerful and refined turbo upgrade offering available today. Pure dyno tested at 632whp in 2014 and have since tweaked and tuned the turbos to unleash over 700whp!

These S55 upgrade turbos are the only available to offer a turbo utilizing purpose built S55 compressor and turbine wheel profiles. They are simply the only proven powerful and reliable turbo upgrade available for your M2 competition, M3 or M4.

All the World’s Fastest M2 Competition / M3 / M4’s run PURE Turbos, including our own M2C!

Please Note: You will need to send us your stock turbos in exchange. (Any additional parts that you send may not be returned if sent together with the cores). Once your stock turbos arrive with us, your new turbos will be dispatched. If you are unable to send us your stock turbos, you can pay a £1,200 core deposit which is fully refunded if you decide to send us your stock turbos at a later date.


  • BMW F8x M2 Competition / M3 / M4