xHP Transmission Tune



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Includes fully customisable options for your BMW.
Fully bespoke xHP Maps, as featured on our very own record-breaking BMW M2 Competition.
Please check Support for your Vehicle on our Support Checker.
Please note these tunes are by appointment only as this product needs to be installed by us using our specialist equipment and software.

We offer three stages of tune for all set up slightly differently to suit different styles of driving, please see below:

This map is designed to enhance mileage and comfort. Shift-points are adapted to optimise use of your engine’s torque and keep revs low and steady at all times. Gearbox torque limits are removed to allow you to fully the capabilities of your tuned engine.

This map focuses on enhancing your car’s sporty characteristics without compromising comfort. Shift-points and clutch pressures are adapted to increase shift speeds and enhance your car’s overall responsiveness.

The absolute pinnacle of gearbox perfection. This map is specifically designed to build upon the already solid foundations of the stage 1 and stage 2 maps. In normal ‘drive’, your car will still retain its factory smoothness and comfort, however, if you engage sport or ‘manual’ mode, it will transform into an absolute animal with the aim of giving you the fastest shifts possible.